Sturlite is constantly thinking about how to help customers become more productive and profitable through LED technology advances that lower the cost of light. standing in midst of today global led revolution, sturlite LED lighting offers a wide of world-class, environmentally responsible. LED solution and system for signage architectural, transportation, display lighting, and general illumination applications



“Quality Has Always Been the Defining Factor Behind Our Immaculate Success. We Lay Special Emphasis Over the Quality That Produce. The Quality Process Starts Right at The Procurement of the Way Material, As We Buy Only from Renowned and Reliable Suppliers. Our Quality Assurance Personnel Test Every Product at Each Level of Production. Its Only After the Assessment That We Select the Best of the Products and Further Get to Our Clients”



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Please accept this letter as a testimonial for the Enduralite-LED light fixtures that we have installed in our newly renovated office location.  The lights provide a brighter environment that is more soft and easier on our eyes.  There is no glare off the computer screen or bright spots on paper when trying to work.  The light seems to be more consistent without flickering that can be irritating on our eyes.

Akshay parekh

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The initial findings strongly supported a consideration for an entire switchover to LED lighting. The lumen output measured (on average) a 10% increase in overall brightness in each test office and although end users were initially wary of the lighting and commented that it was “too bright”, after a 1-3 days adjustment period, users found the LED lights very comfortable and their eyes did not feel as tired at the end of the day

bharath bhansali

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Just to give you a bit of an idea how the light levels at the Morden rinks worked out, please see following. East Rink; 48 – 230 Watt fixtures were installed replacing the previous 48-3 x 48 Watt LED’s. Fixture location placement was very much the same with perhaps a slight increase in mounting height, by some 2 to 3 ft higher

Akshay parekh

packaging and design, kreatica design






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