Led lighting 

Light affects how we feel, influences the way we respond to the world around us and has a major impact on our decision-making process. At Sturlite we have the breadth of products, the solution controls and the end-to-end services to help you take full advantage today’s advanced LED lighting solution the critical role lighting plays in illuminating settings, creating a mood that makes people feel comfortable from the moment they arrive, meeting the lighting requirements for many different activities and ultimately, delivering an ambience that makes people feel comfortable in their surroundings

indoor led lighting


Sturlite has a large amount of reliable, efficient and cost-effective LED light Bulbs, Tube Lights, Ceiling Lights and fixtures for any indoor space. Whether for your home or business we have the huge number of elegant fixtures to light your space

Outdoor LED  lighting

You can’t avoid the night. But you can avoid paying too much for outdoor lighting.
Shop our portfolio and get the best exterior LED lighting

Industrial Led Lighting

When you speak of industrial lighting, the first thing you think about is well-lit spaces to ensure worker safety. But that’s not thing that is expected of industrial lighting. Factories are places of heavy-duty work and so there is a need to use lights that are sturdy enough to withstand extreme working conditions and high temperatures while consuming less energy.

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