Surveillance is a primary function in safety and security for many environments such as schools, casinos, prisons, and businesses. The selection of cameras and other electronic equipment is a primary concern, but the link between the electronics should be taken with extreme caution. Sturlite Wire provides CCTV coaxial cables from short-run applications to the most critical long-distance applications. CCTV Cables provided by us are manufactured in 3+1and 4+1cores i.e. 3 or 4 for supply and 1core for Video. The CCTV Cable offered by us is a composite structure of a video and audio wires intended to install the cameras with the audio system from one point to the equipment system. We use the best quality raw materials to ensure efficient operation standards. Further, our CCTV Cables are the safe and reliable transmission of voice, video & data. These CCTV Cables are available in various specification and reasonable prices to suit the client’s specific needs.




Probably the most widely know the use of CCTV is in the security system and such application as retail shops, banks, government establishment, etc. Packing: Coils are supplied in 90 mtrs Polythene Wrapping. Longer length available on request. Marking: The Cables are printed with Generic marking “STURLITE 3+1 CCTV Cables”


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