Flame retardant low smoke & halogen multi stand single core           unsheathed flexible industrial cables


IS:694, IS:8130, IS:5831,IEC: 332-1, IEE:383, IEC-754-1,ASTM-2863, ASTM-2843 etc


FRLS has special flame retardant, low smoke emitting and toxic fumes suppressing properties. The oxygen index of a STURLITE Wires have 32% which increases its efficiency in fire fighting. In the case of fire, conventional PVC insulated wires give out thick black smoke and toxic fumes of hydrochloric acid gas. This impairs visibility and hampers rescue operations. Enhanced FRLS on the contrary, not only emits very little smoke and toxic gases, but also retard the spreading of fire.


STURLITE Multistrand Wires up to 6.0 Sq. mm are, supplied in 90 meters long in the attractive carton. Longer length available on request


The Cables are printed with generic marking STURLITE FRLS – PVC Insulated Industrial Cables

Key application

It is thus ideal of concealed and conduit wiring in multi-storied high rise buildings such as Schools, Hotels, Banks, Hospital, Factories,  Commercial Complexes, Theaters, and Residential Apartments etc.


STURLITE Multistrand Wires are available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green Colors. Others colors can be supplied on request, Subject to minimum order quantity.


The conductor is manufactured of Pure Electrolytic Grade, bright annealed bare copper having very low resistance with more than 100% conductive which makes it an excellent conductor of electricity, thus ensuring low energy losses.

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