ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, IS:1554 (PART-1), IS:7098 (PART-1)


Conductors are made from electrolytic grade aluminum I copper conforming to IS:8130, and are compact or compact shaped, solid I stranded circular.


Sturlite XLPE Cables use specially made from high-grade cross-linked polyethylene for insulation by an extrusion process

Core identification: 

The cores are identified by different colors

  • Single Core: Red, Black, Yellow, Blue or Natural
  • Two Core: Red and Black
  • Three Core: Red, Yellow, and Blue
  • Four Core: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black
  • Three and a half Core: Red, Yellow, Blue and reduced neutral core in black
  • Five Core: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Grey
  • Six-Core and above: Two adjacent cores (counting and direction core) in each layer Blue and Yellow. Remaining cores Grey, Core numbering & different colors are also used for control cables.

Laying up:

In multicore cables, cores are laid-up as per the above color scheme, inter slices are filled wherever necessary to make the laid-up cores circular

Inner sheath: 

Laid up cores are bedded over the thermoplastic material for protection against mechanical and electrical damage.


Armoring is provided over the inner sheath to guard against mechanical damage. Armoring is generally of galvanized steel wires or strips (in single core cables used in AC system armoring is by non-magnetic hard drawn aluminum wires/strips). Round steel wires are used where the diameter over the inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm, flat steel strip armor is used above 13 mm Dia. The round wire of different sizes can be provided against the specific request.

Outer sheath:

Specifically formulated heat resistant black PVC compound conforming to the requirement to type ST2 of IS: 5831:1984, extruded to form the outer sheath. Sturlite XLPE also offers a specifically formulated Flame Retardant Low Smoke compound (FRLS) for outer sheath used in fire hazardous environment.

Test certificates: 

The test report detailing routine test results obtained in our factory testing laboratory is given with every drum

Advantages of our LT XLPE cables 

  • The higher rating of current and short
  • Thermosetting nature
  • Insulation resistance is 100 times more than PVC Cables
  • High moisture resistance
  • Improved surge current resistance
  • Low dielectric losses
  • Enhanced chemical and corrosion resistance

Operating characteristic:

  • Max. Conductor Temperature for continuous operation – 90°C
  • Ambient Air Temperature 40°C
  • Standard Ground Temperature  30°C
  • Thermal Resistivity of Soi  150°C Cm/Watt
  • Thermal Resistivity  350°C Cm/Watt
  • A depth of Laying (for cables laid direct in the ground)   75 cm
  • Minimum Bending Radius (for Multi-Core Cables)  12D (D-Dia of Cable)
  • Max. Conductor temperature during short circuit  250°C
  • Maximum Ambient, Air temperature  8S°C Type of Installation

Main features:

  • LT-XLPE cables have a longer life as compared to conventional PVC cables
  • LT-XLPE cables have a higher conductor temperature rating e.,90°C.
  • LT-XLPE cables have a higher emergency overload capacity of 120°C.
  • Max. Temperature limit under short circuit conditions for LT-XLPE cables is 250°C. Hence XLPE cables have a higher short circuit
  • Insulation resistance of LT-XLPE cables is excellent & superior to identical PVC cables
  • LT-XLPE cables have high corrosion resistance in polluted
  • LT-XLPE cables have better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases
  • LT-XLPE cables have a lower installation cost because of lightweight dimensions and are far more flexible.
  • LT-XLPE cables have better properties to withstand vibrations & hot
  • Jointing of LT-XLPE cables is easier and quicker.
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