Telephone & Switchboard

communication is the basic necessity of everyday living. With the advent of our technology in telephone data cables, the communication thus becomes easier. Telephone pair cables are made of high-quality conductive copper wires. The insulated cores of these cables are twisted to form a pair which is further connected with telephone switching line to offer noise-free audio signal. The structure of these cables makes them easy to connect, protecting from interference and capable of rectifying noise while offering a clear audio signal.



Cables are generally made as per TEC specification no. GR/WIR-06/03,MAR,2002,BSNL (DOT}  ITD specifications S/WS 113 C,S/WS 113 B, S/WS  114      B    Specification      or     as     per    customer requirements

Product range:

1-100 Pair


The Conductor Manufactured of pure Electrolytic grade, bright Annealed Bare Solid Copper conforming to 15:8130:1984 of diameter in 0.4,0.5, 0.6 & 0.7


Specially formulated high-grade PVC Compound as per Type-2 of 15:13176:1981. Hard grade and capable of withstanding higher conductor temperature up to  1o•c, Color of Insulation are as per Table-2 of G/WIR – 06/02 and color shades are confirming 15:9938.


The Cables are inkjet Printed with generic marking “STURLITE Telephone Cables”


Up to 4 pairs are supplied in attractive cartons and above 4 pairs are supplied with PP Woven bags and cloth packing. Longer length are available on request


Two more are uniformly twisted together to form a pair with a maximum lay length of 80mm. They shall be so chosen as to minimize crosstalk in the cable.

laying of pairs:

The cables (laid up pair) is tightly wrapped with polyester tape applied with an overlap of 30%. This facility is not available in a single pair


A non-metallic such as nylon suitable ripcord shall be laid up longitudinally under the sheath to facilitate removal

Pvc sheath: 

The laid up pairs are further jacked with grey color, High oxygen Index FR PVC compound suitable for 10°c continuous operation.

Key application:

STURLITE Telephone & Switchboard Cables are designed for voice clarity and elimination of cross talk, they are more suitable for indoor use in Large office residential buildings, hotels, and Industrial complex for interconnection telephone and intercom system, PBX and in central exchange for  Interconnection of the distribution frame, switching and transmission equipment.

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